Relevant Deep Fun Resources

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Are you looking for more depth of content in your youth resources?

Do you want to make the Bible relevant to modern life for your youth group?

Are you hoping to keep the essential fun element whilst doing that?

Do you find 10-14 year olds somewhat challenging?


Ground-up resources

This is a harvest of resources written for a wide range of youth groups over a number of years, which are slowly being prepared for sharing.  It includes well-researched leaders notes, designed to give a fresh understanding of the topic or story, support the session plans, and help with some of those difficult questions that young people ask.  The materials are updated as appropriate.

Deep: From early adolescence we develop an appetite for something deeper spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Pre-teens and teenagers ask challenging, searching questions and are not satisfied with superficial answers.  It’s one reason why they leave.

Fun: Most of you already know how to supply a fun element within your group.  Do you ever combine this with your teaching aim?  Those who learn best through kinaesthetic learning will particularly appreciate this.  The interactive page showcases some of the games, quizzes and other interactive materials that use the fun elements to teach content.

Relevant: The Bible is about people just like us and it can help us in our everyday lives.  Whatever we face, we will find something relevant in it for us.  God designed the Bible to speak to every culture, time and generation, about everything that is important to life. When people see it as out of date, they struggle to engage with it.  This need not be so.

Target group

There is a focus here on 10-14 year olds, because many people find this a challenging age group. They are no longer children but don’t have the concentration span of the 14-18’s. They can flip between acting really young, but also be quite mature.  They are developing a capacity for depth, but they still enjoy fun silly things, and have great imaginations. This does have its challenges, but they can be tremendous fun to work with.

Anything that works with this age group can often be adapted for other age groups.