Sharing Christian-Based Youth Resources


Sitting on our new Persian-style hearth rug, facing my pre-teen youth group, I asked them,
“Do you like my new rug?  There’s only one problem with it.  It won’t fly!”

They immediately proceeded to make suggestions for how I could get it to fly, even though they knew perfectly well that it never would or could ever fly!

I just love this age group. They haven’t lost that child-like imagination and sense of fun yet they are ready to discuss issues in more depth and ask pertinent questions.  Before going off on yet another tangent!

They are no longer children but don’t have the concentration span of the 14-18’s. They can flip between acting really young, and also quite mature. They are developing a capacity for depth, but they still enjoy fun silly things, and have great imaginations. This does have its challenges but they can be tremendous fun to work with. Anything that works with this age group can often be adapted for other age groups.


You will need to adapt the materials because every group is different and I haven’t met yours.  I hope there are enough thoughts and ideas to inspire you and stir up your own creativity.  Do let me know.  I would love to hear from you.

PowerPoints have been included for some outlines but it is not essential to have this technology.  A board or flip chart can still work well and also be more flexible. Having something visual, helps them to remember, whatever you use.


I believe 100% in the authority and truth of the Bible.  However human interpretations differ, are subject to misunderstandings, and often cross denominational boundaries nowadays.  I have tried to be as objective as possible, in the interests of encouraging young people to think issues through for themselves, as well as to make the materials more ecumenical.  Individual leaders can obviously edit the materials for themselves.


If you don’t see what you are looking for, drop me an email.  I have much unedited material on my computer or I may be able to provide a few thoughts and ideas anyway.  But don’t leave your planning until the last minute, as this rarely leads to a good meeting!

May you be passionate about Jesus first and the kids second, and be well supported by others, both practically and in prayer.

Shalom and God bless!


  • Youth leader 1990 – present
  • RE-inspired volunteer in secondary schools
  • Honorary consultant to the Department of Evangelical Theology and Christian Education, University of Matej Bel, Slovakia
  • History and RE teacher 1978 – 1986
  • Children's leader 1971-74; 1990-93



Grateful thanks to the following people for support, ideas, feedback, inspiration, and encouragement:

In UK: Ian Mullens, youth pastor; Laurie-Ann Price, youth pastor; co-worker Chris Hansford; Carrie King from Reinspired; Judith Hansford, Josie Line, Adam Wingrove, Jane Fulford,  Andy Galpin, and especially the young people themselves.

From DETM, University of Matej Bel, Slovakia: Rev’d Prof Pavel Hanes, Prof. Dana Hanesová,  Dr. Noema Brádňanská Ondrásek.


All resources are suggested guidelines only.  Always work within the guidelines of your own church or school, following good practice as well as child safety and safeguarding regulations. Some of the issues covered on this site are of a sensitive nature and some young people may need professional counselling.