Privacy Policy

Our purpose in running this website is to share Christian teaching resources. These are currently available free.  They may be downloaded directly from the site or you may email to ask for them to be send as email attachments.

We are currently awaiting a technical upgrade so that we can install an SSL certificate.  In the meanwhile, I could provide some substantial personal references if required.

We do not ask people to log in or subscribe to any list and we do not collect personal data.

There is nowhere on our site where people can leave comments.

We do not use cookies.

Contact and consent

Contact is welcomed via our email address regarding any questions, feedback, or other comments.  When you provide us with your personal information via this means, such as name and email address, we imply that you consent to us using that information for that response only.  We would not store this on our PC for longer than one month unless you gave us permission.

Third Parties

We do not share personal data with anyone. By default, WordPress does not share any personal data with anyone.

We do recommend other sites in which you may be interested.  Where there are links on our site to other sites the content of those linked sites is not covered by this privacy policy. These other sites will have separate privacy and data collection practices.

3 December 2020

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