Preparing and Personalising your Youth Sessions

What are your aims for your particular group?

  • Teaching?
  • Connecting with God?
  • Building a Christian support group?

Probably all three and more!  The balance can vary, especially when you don’t have much time with them.

  • Pray about what your main aim/focus should be for your group.  You may be aware of a particular issue with which some of them need help.
  • Look through any material you intend to use well in advance to allow time to think through it prayerfully, adapt it and collect any necessary resources.
  • Get a good grasp of the topic yourself.  Many leaders enjoy the fact that in preparing to teach others they learn so much themselves.
  • Allow time to build up a rapport / relationship with the group. Good socials or times of fun at the beginning of the session are good for this. You need to earn the right to teach them!
  • Be flexible.  Don’t feel tied to the outline plan. If you think something won’t work, drop it. If you think a different order would be better, rearrange it.
  • Use personal stories where possible, either first or second hand, because this is very powerful. The young people will respect your honesty.
  • Some reflection about the session afterwards can be helpful as it enables you to grow your gift.  However the way we measure success can be different from the way that God measures it.
  • Remember that the way you treat them will stay with them far longer than what you say to them.


Preparation - summary

Summary here = concise list of bullet points.          

Presentation skills - a summary

Summary here = concise list of bullet points.

Behaviour Management

This is an outline for an Interactive Group Training Session. It covers:

  • Why do youngsters misbehave?
  • ‘Prevention is better than cure.’  How can we set about this?
  • Dealing with problems

It includes an activity sheet on ‘Influencing the Behaviour of Others’

Child Development Summary

A short outline summary of toddlers to teenagers

Adolescence - Leaders notes

A short 4 page summing up of the changes that occur during adolescence - for teacher, parents and youth leaders.

What is Emotional Literacy - Family Links article

Emotional literacy is still a fairly new term.  It is about understanding and learning to deal with our own emotions.  This will hopefully help us to understand other people better. it is very similar to pastoral issues.  This is a helpful article on it from 'Family Links'.


EurECA conference May 2016

The following documents support the EurECA workshop on 'Refreshing your RE Curriculum'.



Refreshing your RE Curriculum Workshop PowerPoint

Refreshing your RE Curriculum Workshop Notes  

Refreshing your RE Curriculum including sound PowerPoint in PDF  



Supporting information  

Questions Children Ask 

Survey of Questions from 12 year olds

AQA Religious Studies GCSE Specification B - Summary

AQA Religious Studies GCSE Specification B - full details

RE Cambridge O Level gospel & Acts-syllabus

Alphabetical List of RE related Themes

The Value of Christian Education by Paul Madsen