Creative ideas for themed games, power-points and use of art in worship.

Art & Spirituality

This session looks at the role and use of art within Christian spirituality at different times in history and to see how some people use it as part of worship today. Could be used as either a school lesson or a church based session. It would need a little adapting if leaders are unable to use the PowerPoint (which is available in other forms on request.)

Art and Spirituality – Plan with notes

Art & Spirituality – PowerPoint in pdf



A challenging word search on the names of God. Fun to use around Christmas time.

Word search Names of God


Fit 4 Gold discipleship courseGames and Interactive Ideas – Fit 4 Gold

More than Gold Treasure Hunt – Word edition. This game from the main resource has been replicated in Word for easier editing for those needing a shorter version

  • Print this PowerPoint as handouts – 2 to a page onto yellow paper.
  • Cut out and stick to cardboard such as a cereal packet. Cut out again.
  • This will give you a set of gold medallions to hide for your treasure hunt
  • If you don’t have a printer then use a compass or a template to draw circles and write on them by hand.

Gold medals answers for Treasure Hunt

Gold medals answers for Treasure Hunt pdf

This game can be used to introduce the theme of spiritual journeys. Guess the Country from the shape and the series of clues.

Guess the Country Game PowerPoint in pdf

Guess Country Game PowerPoint

Messy, silly and great fun both to create as well as play – in teams. One game for each of the plagues of Egypt – well 9 of them anyway.  This can be used as an introduction to a session on Moses or used as the main activity with a short God slot at the end. Each of the plagues has a link to the ancient Egyptian gods.

Pick your Plague – A Game

Plagues of Egypt- Background Notes

This PowerPoint shows images that can be seen in 2 different ways depending on how you look at them  It can make a good fun starter for looking at different points of view.

What do you see? PowerPoint

What do you see? PowerPoint in pdf form


Tube Journey GameGame with clues based on the London underground stations. A starter for themes about journeys or just for fun.



Playdough recipes 



Christmas Gifts – a Prayer Activity