Old Testament stories page

The Old Testament has so many exciting stories of the lives of people who are not so different to us once you get past the cultural differences. 

There are also some exciting links with the New Testament which would not exist without it. 

Finding good ideas for presenting many of the Old Testament stories is not too hard. This page aims to focus on helping leaders to take their group into the stories in more depth, seeing the characters as real people with problems much like ours.

Many of these are also featured elsewhere under a theme. 

This page is still under construction


Ishmael - Unwanted Child? - Plan

Ishmael - Unwanted Child? - Leaders' Notes

Activity Ideas for Family Themes



Joe's Story - It wasn't all dreams come true - Plan

Forgiveness - Leader's Notes + Activity Ideas


Plagues of Egypt- Background Notes

Pick your Plague - A Game

Spies Overcome by Fear - Plan with notes


Joshua & the Battle of Jericho - Plan

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho - Leaders' Notes

Joshua & Jericho activity sheet - Why did Joshua win?

Joshua & Jericho Activity sheet - Why did the walls collapse?


David and Goliath - A Faith Story


Elijah's Story with Leaders' Notes

Plan - Making Spiritual Connections

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