Building Self-Image

Value – Reflecting on Our Image   

We are made in the image of God. If we could grasp what that means, think how it could change us for the better.

A balanced self-image makes for a healthy life. This has plenty of activities. 

Value - Reflecting on Our Image. This image supplied by Fotolia

Value – Reflecting on Our Image – Leaders’ Notes

Value – Reflecting on Our Image – Plan

Reflections – PowerPoint

Value – Building on Rock PowerPoint

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Activity sheets – Self image

In What Ways Do We Reflect God? – Activity Sheets


Value: Is My Self-Image Built on Sand?

On what sandcastles do we often build our self-image and our lives?

This can be done as a forerunner to the above depending on the type of group you have. 

Is My Value Built on Sand? Image supplied by Fotolia

Value – Is My Self-Image Built on Sand – PowerPoint

Value – Is My Self-Image Built on Sand – PowerPoint with sound pdf

Value – Building on Rock or Appearance PowerPoint


God Won’t Ask – Teen version PowerPoint

God Won’t Ask – Teen version PowerPoint in pdf

This is a rewrite of an adult PowerPoint from a few years ago that looked at the issues that God thinks are important in our lives in comparison with the ones that we do.  My group came up with all the ideas here. That way they adapted it for their own culture and needs. add content here

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An encouragement for those who find school work difficult.

Many young people struggle with life whilst they are at school but they go on to find their vocation and lead rewarding lives. The aim of these short stories is to encourage those who are feeling despondent but at the same time not to give the message that it doesn’t matter if they don’t try to work at school. We have used this in sessions such as God choosing people; ‘Growing up’; Self-image; and Battle for the Mind.

School Reports Get Outdated


Emotional Literacy 

Emotional literacy is about understanding emotions and how to handle them. 

It is something that children would benefit from learning about in schools as well as youth groups.  

The amount of Bible content can be adapted to suit different environments. 


Understanding People

 Masks we wear

Understanding People 1 – Behind the Masks – Plan

Masks visual aids


Understanding People 2 is called ‘Under the Iceberg’. Coming soon. 



Fear, Fearless Fotolia


Dealing with Fear – Outline Plan

Dealing with Fear – Leaders Notes

We all suffer from various fears. This session is user-friendly for general groups as well as Christian groups.

It links well with ‘Battle for the Mind’ which is currently being edited. 




Israelite Spies Overcome by Fear – Plan with notes

The leaders notes for this overlap those for ‘Dealing with Fear’ 

How Big is God? – Blue Whale Story PowerPoint pdf

How Big is God? – Blue Whale Story PowerPoint

……. ……..………………  ……………………………..


The Battle for a Healthy Mind

Self-talk: both positive and negative thoughts affect our health – spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Battle for the mind FotoliaBattle for the Mind – Outline Plans draft

Battle for the Mind Leaders Notes draft

Battle for the Mind handout draft




Family Relationships 


Games     Activity Ideas for Family Issues

     Games and other activities useful for the following outlines and others on family issues.



Ishmael: Unwanted Child?!                    

Ishmael: Unwanted Child?! Image supplied by Chris Bowman                         

Ishmael – Unwanted Child? – Plan

Ishmael – Unwanted Child? – Leaders’ Notes

Was Ishmael just one of Abraham’s mistakes or did God have a plan for him too?!

Is anyone unwanted in God’s eyes?

………………Ishmael – was he just one of Abraham’s mistakes or did God have a plan for him too?


Jesus’ Family Tree

Many people either have no knowledge of at least one parent or are uncomfortable with their parentage.  This will influence how they feel about themselves. Take a look at some of the characters who were ancestors of Jesus.


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Jesus’ Family Tree – Plan

 Jesus had the full range of good, bad and ‘ugly’ people in his family tree. Maybe ours isn’t so bad after all!




 Who's Up Your Family Tree?

 Who’s Up Your Family Tree? – Plan with notes

A look at some of the people within Jesus’ family tree who had to overcome the problem of having difficult parents or grandparents




 Parents - Who'd Have Them? Image supplied by Brenda Lord  

  Parents – Who’d Have Them – Plan

   Nearly everyone has some problems with their parents.  Even Jesus didn’t have the perfect family.

   Draft leaders notes are available on the Lifestyle page.



 Growing upCoping with the Changes of Adolescence – Plan

Adolescence – Leaders notes





Jesus and Tough Times 

Photo depicting Jesus in Gethsemane in a Polish Church.Jesus & Tough Times PowerPoint

Jesus & Tough Times PowerPoint pdf

How much does Jesus understand about the things we go through?  Was he ever bereaved, betrayed, rejected…

This simple PowerPoint shows how Jesus faced every type of suffering that we experience.

An outline on this will follow. 


Or with an Easter background 

Jesus - Was he ever -

Jesus – Was he ever …. PowerPoint with Easter background

Jesus – Was he ever …. PowerPoint with Easter background pdf


songs 2




Songs for those facing difficult times 





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