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Spiritual growth is different to facilitate as it has to be understood with the spirit rather than with the mind.  Enabling spiritual development is partly about encouraging the right kind of situation and ambience.  One way to do this is with either temporary or permanent prayer spaces in churches, school, even community centres if possible; that have an aura of ‘holy’ about them, where it feels right to take off shoes and create no noise as there is a sense that this place is different in some way; where the spiritual, unknowable, unapproachable may be approached and will speak with your spirit if you yearn for that; a sort of modern ‘Holy of Holies’.

Music and art can play a key role in that which is why they often have an important place within our prayer spaces. 

People connect with God in different ways. Some find it easier outdoors, in a garden or on a nature walk.

Labyrinths also have a place.  My first experience of using a labyrinth amazed me.  I was a little sceptical when I set foot on the large labyrinth sheet but the Holy Spirit surprised me.  They can be indoor or outdoor, bought, borrowed or homemade.  Google them!


What IS Worship?What IS worship?  And how can it be truly meaningful?  Teens search for answers to such questions.  Which acts of worship in the Bible were meaningful to God and which were not?  How does worshipping God also bless us?

There are many examples of people worshipping in the Bible. The session plan includes an interactive true/false game looking at several Bible situations and asks whether they constituted ‘worship’ or not, as well as considering how worship can become more meaningful to us.

Headings in the notes also include:

Which expressions of worship are most natural for you?

What are the benefits of worship?

What can hinder our worship and how can we resolve this?

What IS Worship - Outline Plan

What IS Worship - Leaders' Notes



Art & Spirituality


Art and Spirituality - Plan with notes

Art & Spirituality - PowerPoint in pdf





Making Praise Wrist Ribbons photoTo Make Praise Ribbons

This type of ribbon for praise and dance is simply worn around the wrist. This makes it suitable in situations where space is limited or for younger dancers. I made a set of them for Easter celebrations for the younger ones but they are just as suitable for adults. They can be made fairly cheaply depending on how long you want them to last and whether you intend to give them away or not.


Spiritual Connections

Making Spiritual Connections 

Plan - Making Spiritual Connections

Elijah's Story with Leaders' Notes

Spiritual Connections: A new look at Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

What type of spiritual connections do we want to develop or avoid in our own lives?  This exciting, challenging story shows how anyone can be a channel for God’s power and see great things happen.  It could be a good one to use around Halloween as it provides a positive alternative. 



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