Fit 4 Gold discipleship courseFit 4 Gold

 This is a multi-sensory discipleship course for pre-teens.   

The main themes are Being Chosen, Equipped, Challenged, Setback and Rewarded and are all linked to Bible stories. This resource compares being a successful sports person to being a Christian but it works equally well without the sporting illustrations.

It includes plenty of games and prayer space ideas. 


Main Outlines

1. Being Chosen – Full Plan

You are worth more than gold         

Theme: Being chosen / qualifying for the team

Aim/s select from

  • To get everyone to feel chosen rather than overlooked.  God never overlooks anyone.  He wants to choose you to be on his team but you must also choose to be there. 
  • How to qualify for being on the team / in the competition
  • To show them their value in the eyes of God

Theme verse: Ephesians 1:4-5

Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.  God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family…  NLT

Games theme: Choosing

Sports personality links: Keri Anne Payne; Tom Daley; John Boland; Eric the Eel; Christian profile: Nick Willis

Bible links: David and others  

Application: God wants us to be on his team

2. Being Equipped – Full Plan

It takes more than gold to become a winning athlete

Themes: You need the right lifestyle and back-up support

Aims of main session– select your main priority

  • To show we’ve got the best possible help available.
  • To show the importance of regularly taking to God things that have hurt us or where we have hurt others so that we can continue to ‘walk in the Spirit’
  • To show the importance of the right coach, lifestyle and back-up support

Aims of Being Equipped – extra ideas

  • To show the importance of reading the Bible and thinking healthy thoughts
  • It would be hard to go it alone, especially when life is tough.  
  • To show the importance of the right lifestyle
  • To give some practical help on how to draw strength from God
  • Theme verse: Hebrews 12:1-3

… So let us run the race that is before us and never give up. We should remove from our lives anything that would get in the way and the sin that so easily holds us back.  Let us look only to Jesus … NCV

Or 2 Corinthians 3:5

Games theme: Getting fit, dressing in the right kit, eating the right food

Sports personality links: Ellie Simmonds; Dai Greene; Kelly Holmes; Keri Anne; Tom Daley; Christian profile: Debbie Flood

Bible links: Pentecost; Armour of God

Application: God provides plenty of resources but we need to tap into them.  Have we off loaded our baggage; put on the right kit and started eating some good food? 

3. Being Challenged – Full Plan with notes

Going 4 Gold: Proving it’s for real

Theme: That first big challenge when you put your talent/faith in God to the test and it all becomes a reality.

Aim: To consider those ‘oh wow’ moments in life and in our journey with God

Theme verse: Hebrews 11:1 Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it.  NCV

Games theme: Target practice. Exercising faith

Sports personality links: Ellie Simmonds; Steve Bradbury; Emil Zatopek; Christian profile: Steph Cook

Bible links: David and Goliath; Jehoshaphat’s battle; with other choices

Application: First big faith moment. I knew God was real when … 

What are our giants/challenges?  Have we ever ‘seen’ the size of God in relation to the challenge/problem? 

4. Being Setback – Full Plan

Losing sight of the gold/goal

Theme: Setbacks; When things go wrong, whether our own fault or others or otherwise.

Aim: To identify obstacles and setbacks in our lives and to see how to deal with them.

Theme verse: 1 Peter 1:6-7  Your troubles have come in order to prove that your faith is real. It is worth more than gold. Or Psalm 18:28 My God brightens the darkness around me. NCV

Games theme: Obstacles, challenges

Sports personality links: Jessica Ennis; Natalie du Toit; Natalia Partyka; George Eyser; Ray Ewry; Wilma Rudolph; Kelly Holmes; Derek Redmond; Christian profile: Christine Ohuruogu

Bible links: Joseph with other choices

Application: What are our setbacks and struggles?  How can we turn them around?  How can hearing about these other people past and present encourage us?  How can we ensure that setbacks strengthen rather than weaken us?

5. Being Rewarded – Full Plan

The prize is worth way more than gold

Theme: The Prize is the best possible relationship ever

Aim: To show that relationships, especially our relationship with God are worth more than material things or being someone special.

Theme verse: Acts 2:28 / Psalm 16:11 You always show me the path that leads to life. You will fill me with joy when I am with you.’ NIRV

Games theme: Treasure hunts

Sports personality links: Top Olympic champions: Usain Bolt; Michael Phelps;  Chris Hoy; Yelena Isinbayeva; Steve Redgrave; Tanni Grey Thompson; Sebastian Coe; Jesse Owens/Lutz Long; Christian profile: Kriss Akabusi

Bible links:

Moses face shone whenever he had been with God. 

David: the joy of knowing God’s presence.

Paul had some amazing times of experiencing God and becoming aware of his future in the next life.

 Application: What is our prize?  An amazing intimate relationship with God and a privileged position in his family forever.

Overall aims of the resource set

  • To help tweenagers grapple with some of the issues they face through the means of Olympic themed, Bible based outlines. 
  • To equip leaders by providing sufficient material from which to select and produce their own tailor made sessions, according to the size and background of the group.  

(If they are used for Sunday morning groups which tend to be quite short, leaders may wish to spend more than one week per outline.) 

Overall aims for the young people

 To give them a sense of their value in the eyes of God.  This age group really needs to know they have a value – they are often at a bit of a crisis point in life.  We are equal but different.  They need to respect themselves.  We are worth more than gold to Jesus. 
To show the importance of team work and friendship within any community and encourage them that they have a part to play in that.  To show that it takes a whole team of different gifts to produce winners/the Olympics – back-up people, coaches, organizers, family and friends.
To show that no one becomes a hero overnight in any area of life but it can be done.   Excellence comes from one portion of talent/inspiration, plus loads of hard work and determination.
To show that although being a Christian does not give us an easy life, it can help us cope with tough times and make us a stronger person through them.  Setbacks can make us stronger.  It requires and develops courage and determination.
To show that the Olympic values are all Biblical and are about lifestyle.  Athletes have to consistently lead an Olympic lifestyle if they are to reach their goals
To set up some role models for them.
To think about our Goals and values in life. What do we value most in life that will satisfy us?  We may never become Olympic champion or a hero of any kind but even Olympic champions fade – what then?  I am more than my role / my medal / my status
To give them an insight into the end Prize – the Great Reward



Games and Interactive Ideas – Fit 4 Gold


More than Gold Treasure Hunt

‘More than Gold’ Treasure Hunt Leaders Master copy

‘More than Gold’ Treasure Hunt Clue Sheet

‘Gold medals’ to use as answers for ‘More Than Gold’ Treasure Hunt


Guess the Country Game

Guess Country Game PowerPoint

Guess the country from the shape and the series of clues

Guess Country Game PowerPoint in pdf

Fit 4 Gold – Prayer Space Ideas

Bible Links Profiles – Fit 4 Gold

Sports Links Profiles – Fit 4 Gold

The sports profiles have not yet been updated since the 2012 Olympics.  However a wide range of athletes has been used.  Many of these  are retired so this does not affect their stories.

Bible Verses relevant to Fit 4 Gold themes



Image by Steve Millard – Grove Creative