I hear, I forget.  I see, I remember.  I do, I understand!

A Showcase of Interactive Materials

Games are a great way to introduce or deliver a teaching point. Using them just for fun builds relationships and helps them to relax in a very stressful world.  

Quizzes: A quiz can be a very effective teaching method enabling you to deliver knowledge on a topic in an engaging way. They enjoy working together to guess the answers and then listen to see which they got right. It is helpful for those who do not concentrate on listening for long! Take a look at the ‘Angels’ quiz and the 'Is the Bible True' quiz and then have a go at writing your own.

Treasure hunts are good in summer, particularly in exam season when they are too tired for anything serious but still need some positive input and encouragement. 

These activities are from sessions on these themes on other pages on this site.

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This is a good set of ice breaker games for discussion with any type of group.  It was compiled by the Charity 'Just Around the Corner' for use in Emotional Literacy courses and is suitable for pastoral work in state schools. 

JAC Emotional Literacy Icebreaker Games


Games for youth resources


Activity - Battleships Game

Activity - Living Battleships Grid

This makes 'battleships' more than just a paper game.  Use with themes such as 'Don't give the enemy a foothold'

Celebrity jungle eating game

Celebrity Jungle Style Food Game

What would you put in your stomach and what would you not?  What would you put in your mind and what would you not?  Introduction to 'Healthy Minds'.

Ian's Amazing Scavenger Hunt

A modern scavenger hunt using mobile phones.  Jut fun for weekenders or summer evenings.

 Ian's Amazing Scavenger Hunt 

Plagues of Egypt

Pick your Plague - A Game

Plagues of Egypt- Background Notes

A light-hearted approach to the Exodus story that we used in an Old Testament overview series. 


Quiz icon


Is the Bible True?

Is the Bible True? Youth resource

Bible or Harry Potter? PowerPoint quiz

Is each quote from the Bible or a Harry Potter book?  Aims to support emotional well-being.  Also includes some humour.

Is the Bible True? Quiz

Image credit: Nicole Davison

Angels quiz

Angels & the Spiritual World: youth resource

Angels Quiz PowerPoint pdf

Angels Quiz PowerPoint ppt

Angels Quiz Activity

Image: Geetesh Bajaj,

Names of God word search

A challenging word search on the names of God. Fun to use around Christmas time or as part of teaching about 'What is God Like?'

Word search Names of God


Starter games for themes about journeys

Guess Country Game PowerPoint

Tube Journey Game

Plenty of clues to help you guess the London tube station. 

Treasure Hunts

Bible treasure chest; youth activity


Treasure hunts are good in summer, particularly when they are tired or the weather is hot.  This one makes a lively game out of finding verses that will support their spiritual & emotional well-being. 

Bible Treasure Hunt Sheet

Bible Treasure Hunt Answers

Bible Treasure Hunt Leaders copy - Q & A's


Fit 4 Gold: a youth course on discipleship

Written for the 2012 Olympic games, this gets them hunting for verses that give a perspective on what is most precious.  

'More than Gold' Treasure Hunt Leaders Master copy

'More than Gold' Treasure Hunt Clue Sheet

'Gold medals' to use as answers for 'More Than Gold' Treasure Hunt

Image: Steve Millard


Drama resource for youth groups

Jesus Superhero

A reporter interviews eye witnesses of 3 of Jesus' miracles. 

Drama - Jesus Superhero

Image: Pixabay

An Easter drama

Easter ResourcesBartimaeus is healed from blindness and sees the events of Easter with his own eyes. 

Bartimaeus sees Easter - A Drama

Image: Noema Brádňanská Ondrásek


Bread & honey

Looking at the Bible - Activity Ideas

See also 'Beliefs' page. 

Value - Activities on self-worth for youth

Value - Interactive Ideas and Games

See also 'Pastoral' page. 

Image: Jenni Beaven

Art & Spirituality

Art & Spirituality: A resource for schools.

Look at the role and use of art within Christian spirituality at different times in history and see how some people use art as part of worship today. This session could be used in either schools or churches. It would need a little adapting if leaders are unable to use the PowerPoint. 

Art and Spirituality - Plan with notes

Art & Spirituality - PowerPoint in pdf



Playdough can be used within many activities and with all ages. It is not just for young children.

Playdough recipes 

Praise ribbons

Making Praise Wrist Ribbons photo

To Make Praise Ribbons

A ribbon to wear around the wrist for praise and dance.  Suitable for younger dancers or where space is limited. All age!