Jesus page, resources for youth. Image: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Christ Before Christmas
  • Jesus' Family Tree
  • Horrid Herod's Christmas Turkey drama sketch
  • Missing at the Temple
  • Jesus Superhero drama sketch
  • Jesus' Miracles - Did They Happen?
  • Easter Week
  • Emmaus Road 
  • Jesus and Tough Times

Image by Gerd Altmann: Pixabay

Who is Jesus?

Was he real? What have people said about him, both during his life and now? What claims did he make about himself?  Can we see him as just a good teacher or was he something else?

This is a games based approach to the topic leading towards a serious reflection at the end. The quizzes can be played without the PowerPoint by using cards. 

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Did Jesus exist? Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
Christ Before Christmas

This outline looks at possible appearances of Jesus in the Old Testament. He wasn't known as Jesus and he was not always easily recognised. In fact it can be hard to tell the difference between an angel of the Lord and a member of the Trinity. It shows that Jesus had a significant role long before he made an appearance in Bethlehem.  It would suit a group who know the Christmas story well and would welcome a different approach.

Jesus' Family Tree; youth resource

Jesus' Family Tree

Jesus had a wide range of very colourful characters as ancestors.  As the only person in history to have had any choice over his relatives, there are quite a few surprises!  It aims to help those from difficult backgrounds.  There is a similar but different session in the pastoral section called ‘Who’s Up Your Family Tree?’, which focuses more on how people within Jesus' family tree coped with having difficult parents or grandparents.  

Resources to download

Jesus' Family Tree - Plan

Activity Ideas for Family Themes

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Christmas Turkey - a short dramaDrama

A fun Christmas sketch by Mike Dalby 

Horrid Herod's Christmas Turkey - Drama sketch

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Missing in the Temple: short story

Missing Boy Found in Temple

Even Jesus had misunderstandings with his parents!  Part of the 'Parents' set in 'Lifestyle'.

Missing Boy Found in Temple 

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Jesus' Miracles - Did They Happen?

  • Can we believe in miracles?
  • Is it possible that the miracles of Jesus in the Bible are fabricated?
  • Do miracles happen today?

An apologetics outline with a practical application for Christian groups. Jesus' Miracles - Did They Happen - Plan


drama Jesus Superhero - Drama

A short sketch where a reporter interviews eye witnesses of 3 of Jesus' miracles. 

Drama - Jesus Superhero

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Easter resources for youth. Image: Noema Brádňanská Ondrásek

Image: Noema Brádňanská Ondrásek

Easter Week 

The events of Maundy Thursday through to Jesus' resurrection.   Easter - Timetable of Events 

The Bible readings for Holy Week: Holy Week Diary

Holy Week in the words of the Bible for wall display

Holy Week in the words of the Bible for 2 sided display

Mary Magdalene - Facts versus Fiction

For ideas for Holy Week prayer stations, see Spiritual page


Easter Drama

Bartimaeus - who had been blind until Jesus healed him, sees the events of Easter unfold before his eyes. A drama sketch that includes ideas for an all-age Easter service.

Bartimaeus sees Easter - A Drama


Emmaus Road - What did Jesus Explain? Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in the New. Pixabay image
Emmaus Road: What did Jesus Explain?

This session looks at the Emmaus road story and considers which Scriptures Jesus may have shared with the disciples with whom he walked on Resurrection Sunday.  It would suit groups who know the Easter story well and would benefit from a different approach.  

Jesus and Tough Times - Gethsemane. Photo by Peter Lord - Polish church depiction of Gethsemane
Did Jesus and Tough Times

Does God know what it's like to suffer?  How much does Jesus understand about the things we go through?  Was he ever bereaved, betrayed, or rejected?  This PowerPoint shows that Jesus faced every type of pain and suffering that we experience, even if not all of the actual situations.  


Jesus & Tough Times PowerPoint


Image: Peter Lord