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Relationships with each other are still one of our biggest challenges despite the fact that the church has been generally good at teaching on how to treat others.

So what are we missing? If we can learn to understand ourselves and others better, our needs and responses, then maybe we see others in a more positive and empathetic way.

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  • Understanding people
  • Forgiveness: Joseph, it wasn't all dreams come true
  • Why Would I Lie to You?
  • Parent's Who'd Have Them?
  • Do Not Give the Enemy a Foothold
  • Fit 4 Gold - A youth discipleship course

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds - Plan

Healthy Minds - Leaders Notes

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Behind the Masks Emotional literacy resource
Understanding People

If we can learn to understand ourselves and others better, our needs and responses, then maybe we see others in a more positive and empathetic way.  Learn to look behind the masks that people wear and to see under the iceberg of what is on the surface.  

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Resources to download

Understanding People 1 - Behind the Masks - Plan

Masks visual aids

Understanding people 2 - Under the Iceberg - being edited

Joseph - It wasn't all Dreams Come True: youth resource. Image from Creative Innovation © freshidea -
Forgiveness: Joseph - It Wasn't all Dreams Come True

Joseph had a really tough time before he found his dream job.   How do you forgive people for treating you so badly? Especially when they're family. This look at Joseph's story focuses on how to deal with that kind of struggle. The leader's notes would be helpful with any story on the theme of forgiveness. 

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Image for Lying - Causes and Effects

Why Would I Lie to You?

Lying has a serious effect on relationships as it undermines trust.  Why do people lie and what other effects does it have?

Use when teaching the Ten Commandments or as a stand-alone.

Parents - Who'd Have Them? Photo: Lord family album

Parents - Who'd Have Them?!  

Relationship problems with parents can increase as children enter adolescence. This session is about helping them to cope with these changes. 

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Resources to download

Parents - Who'd Have Them - Plan

Do Not Give the Enemy a Foothold

  Do Not Give the Enemy a Foothold 

Getting involved in things that are not good for us gives the enemy a ‘foothold’ that he can use to bring us down. Likewise when something hurts us, it’s like an arrow that wounds us.  This can also create a foothold which can cause us further pain.  We need the Holy Spirit to help us with these. 

Fit 4 Gold: a youth discipleship course. Themes are: Being Chosen, Equipped, Challenged, Setback and Rewarded. Image Steve Millard
Fit 4 Gold

A multi-sensory discipleship course for pre-teens: The themes are Being Chosen, Being Equipped, Being Challenged, Being Setback and Being Rewarded and are all linked to Bible stories. This resource compares being a successful sports person to being a Christian but it works equally well without the sporting illustrations. It includes plenty of games and prayer space ideas. 


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