A Fresh Look at Old Stories

Old Testament: Making the stories relevant today. Image: Pixabay Charlotte

Image: Pixabay Charlotte

Old Testament Contents

These amazing stories are so relevant to modern issues, once we look beneath the surface. 

Background on the Ancient World

Abraham: Ishmael - Unwanted Child?!

Joseph: It wasn't all dreams come true

    Gutter to Gold

Moses: Birth

   Burning Bush


Elijah: Making Spiritual Connections

Ishmael, Unwanted Child?

Abraham and Ishmael

Was Ishmael just one of Abraham’s mistakes or did God have a plan for him too?! Is any child unwanted in God’s eyes? Surely not!

This session takes a wider view of the ‘Abraham and Ishmael’ story, looking at its’ complexities and seeing Ishmael as a valuable human being, not just the result of Abraham’s lapse of faith.

Ishmael - Unwanted Child?! - Plan

Ishmael - Unwanted Child? - Leaders' Notes

Activity Ideas for Family Themes

Image: Pixabay – L Gesell

David & Goliath; Faith story

David and Goliath: A Faith Story

David and Goliath - A Faith Story



Elijah & Spiritual Connections: youth resource


The challenge was clear.  Baal, the Canaanite god of winter rains and fertility, introduced by King Ahab himself, had become the people’s new favourite.  The true God of Israel, having been relegated to a Sabbath day only, position, was seen as being no greater than the local pagan gods.  Yahweh’s response, ‘Okay.  Let this ‘Baal’ meet your needs then. Let him provide you with the rain you need for your crops to grow.  Then we’ll see who is God!’

It is easy to see the prophets of Baal as a joke.  But they were accustomed to connecting with the spirit world.  What should we avoid in today's world in the spiritual realm?  How does Elijah contrast with them?

Elijah - Making Spiritual Connections - Plan

Elijah - Making Spiritual Connections - Leaders' Notes

Angels Quiz part 2 Fallen Angels - PowerPoint

Spot the Scam - occult quiz  - for older ones