What IS Worship? Youth resource


What exactly is worship?  And how can it be truly meaningful?   Which acts of worship in the Bible were meaningful to God and which were not?  How does worshipping God also bless us?

There are many examples of people worshipping in the Bible. The session plan includes an interactive true/false game looking at several Bible situations and asks whether they constituted ‘worship’ or not, as well as considering how worship can become more meaningful to us.


Resources to download

What IS Worship - Outline Plan

What IS Worship - Leaders' Notes

To Make Praise Ribbons

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Angels and the Spiritual World: youth resource
Is there a Spiritual World?  Angels

Western culture has become more sceptical about the existence of God but the popularity of psychic fairs and  guardian angel charms shows the interest in the supernatural.  Most religions recognise the existence of a spiritual world.  How much does the Bible tell us about the creation and nature of angels? What is truth and what is myth?  Began as a response to questions from a church group we broadened this resource to include New Age issues. The viewpoint here is that angels and demons are spiritual beings created by God - some in alliance with him, others in rebellion against him.

Spiritual Connections: youth resource
Making Spiritual Connections

A new look at Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

What type of spiritual connections do we want to develop or avoid in our own lives?  This exciting, challenging story shows how anyone can be a channel for God’s power and see great things happen.  It could be a good one to use around Halloween as it provides a positive alternative. 

Resources to download

Plan - Making Spiritual Connections

Elijah's Story with Leaders' Notes

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