Thirst Plus - 15-18's

This page is dedicated to our Thirst Plus group for sharing some of the materials we are using in our deeper look at certain topics this term (Spring 2021). 

Angels and the Spiritual World - 20 January

 Angels and the Spiritual World: youth resource. Image Geetesh BajajWhat do you think you know about angels?

Take a look at our quiz to see if you are right

Angels Quiz part1


Part 2: Fallen angels - 27 January.

Hi guys, Here is this week's quiz with answers  Angels Quiz part 2 Fallen Angels - PowerPoint

This is a more serious but quick look at many of the Bible verses, listed under questions.  Bible References on the Spiritual World

Elijah and the prophets of Baal

It is too easy to see the prophets of Baal as a joke.  They were not!  They were pagan spirit worshippers accustomed to connecting with the spirit world and seeing the supernatural.  In the contest on Mount Carmel, we see opposing spiritual connections.  Elijah, with strong connections with God on one side and the Baal priests with their affinity to the dark side of the spiritual world, on the other side.   1 Kings 18-19

More: Elijah - Making Spiritual Connections  A re-telling of the story of Elijah and contest on Mt Carmel in a different light. 

Is the Bible Relevant Today? - 3 February

Is the Bible Relevant - news headlines

What topics do we see in news headlines? 

Would we expect to find similar issues in a book as old as the Bible? 

Take a look at this quiz to see if you can spot the difference. 

Guess the Headlines Game pptx


Is the Bible True and Reliable? - 10 February

Truths in Genesis - 3 March

Science and Religion: Is it a Tug of War? Creation Theories - 10 March

Life After Death - 17 March

Our Future Hope including a quick outline of Revelation! - 24 March

Yes, I am behind on posting but the series went well!