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Sharing Youth Resources



Pre-teens and teenagers ask challenging, searching questions and are not satisfied with superficial answers.

From early adolescence we develop an appetite for something deeper spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. 

Our session plans and background notes aim to deepen the spiritual and intellectual understanding of both leaders and young people.



Ian in sumo suitFun 

Pre-teens and teenagers need to have plenty of fun and build relationships within their group.

We aim to help group members relax, have fun and develop good relationships within a group.

We provide the ideas, you provide the friendly environment.



Chris Bowman giving the thumbs up sign to our youth workRelevant

The Bible is about people just like us and it can help us in our everyday lives.  Whatever we face, we will find something relevant in it for us. God designed the Bible to speak to every culture, time and generation and He will speak to us through it if we listen.  Each plan has an ‘Application’ section.



Why 10-14? 

By targeting this age group we hope to help those most likely to drop out of church. Anything that works with this age group can be adapted for both older groups and younger ones.  Some leaders find the 10-14 age range the most challenging one. They are no longer children but don’t have the concentration span of the 14-18’s . Well we love this age group! They are starting to develop a capacity for depth but they still enjoy fun things like the younger ones and have great imaginations.  They are more challenging to write for but we enjoy that. 

PowerPoints have been included for some outlines but it is not essential to have this technology. A board or flip chart can still work well and can be more flexible.

Leader’s Notes

As leaders, we need wholesome spiritual food as well as ideas. We need to stimulate our own growth and creativity so we can prepare specifically for our own group. It’s all to easy for leaders to burn out. We have done that ourselves at times. 

The Leaders’ Notes aim to:

  • Deepen spiritual and Biblical understanding in any interested reader.         
  • Enable leaders to grow spiritually as they prepare and plan a teaching session.
  • Provide plenty of creative ideas.
  • Equip leaders to deal with some of those difficult questions the young people may ask.

SoulSpace Writers are experienced practitioners who have worked in both education and youth/children’s work. These are ‘ground up’ resources that have been tried and tested unless stated otherwise.The materials can be adapted for other age groups.

Our theological background is Protestant evangelical. We believe 100% in the authority and truth of the Bible.  However human interpretation does vary even within a denomination. We aim to deal with controversial issues as objectivity as possible in the interests of encouraging young people to think issues through for themselves, something they will inevitably do eventually anyway and to make the materials more ecumenical.   


Personalising the resources

The materials do much of the work for you, but you will need to spend some time preparing and praying for your own group of unique individuals. 

It is not always possible to divide young people into neat age groups within churches and sometimes the kids bring along friends which can broaden the range of needs you are trying to cover. 

There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ in youth work anyhow.  Every group is different.   Their needs, interests, backgrounds and moods are all variables that keep us ‘on our toes’ and dependent on God.  Read more on this on the Training page. 

The resources are currently available as free pdf downloads. If you would like to access them another way, please contact us via the contact form and we will email you back asap. 






Images on this page supplied by Peter Lord, Chris Bowman and friends.