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Brenda Lord is a qualified, experienced teacher, youth worker, resource writer and speaker.

Her home church at Old Lodge Lane Baptist was a lively one with great children’s work.  By the age of 11 she thought she knew the Bible and was starting to become bored with it but the youth leaders offered not only fun but also extra depth. She was given the opportunity to volunteer with the children’s work throughout her teens and attended her first SU training event aged 17.

Following a History degree and PGCE at the University of London, Brenda headed up the History department at Clarendon School (now part of Monkton Combe) for 8 years, updating it extensively.   History became a popular option during these years. When the opportunity arose to also teach some Religious Education, Brenda discovered a fresh excitement in looking at the familiar Bible stories.

Trips to Eastern Europe for ‘Christian Mission to the Communist World’, led to friendships with teachers and children’s workers abroad who often asked for resource materials. Around this time Brenda returned to leading younger church-based groups. Conversations with Janina Gazda in Poland and Dana Hanesová in Slovakia sparked the idea of writing resources themselves.  Her broad range of teaching experience also meant that she was able to assist Dana in founding a training course for RE teachers and church workers when the opportunity arose at a university there in 1995.

The resources have become ready to publish far more slowly than originally expected, with many awaiting editing.  However life experiences, plus a widening range of groups and a commitment to regularly updating skills and knowledge, have influenced them in many creative ways. Using the web as a base for publication also offers the opportunity to update and expand material as required.

An important part of this work is to provide detailed background notes to ensure that leaders who may not have had professional training have a sound understanding of the topic and will feel enthusiastic about teaching it as well as being able to deal with some of those difficult questions that young people ask.  We find that we learn much ourselves from preparing to teach and our hope is that others will find some inspiration from these resources, perhaps going on to write their own.

Brenda lives in Berkshire with her husband and two grown-up children.


Ian Mullens: With a Youth Work degree from Oasis, Ian has worked as a Youth Pastor since 2005. After 10 years in Woodley, he spent a year in the Democratic Republic of Congo working with street children and strengthening the work there. He is currently based in West London with his wife Kuda. He has co-written some of the materials and influenced others.

Chris Hansford: Chris has been involved in many aspects of youth work from his gap year onwards and has made valuable contributions to these resources.  He and his wife Sarah live in Bristol.

Laurie-Ann Price is our most recent co-worker and we are really appreciating her contributions. 

Theological Consultant: Professor Pavel Hanes

A Baptist Church pastor for over 10 years, Pavel Hanes was invited to be on the team founding the Department of Evangelical Theology and Christian Education in 1993 at the University of Matej Bel in Slovakia. He is currently a guarantor of philosophy for theologians, as well as of apologetics and of the Old Testament subjects taught and studied at the Department of Theology and Christian Education.  Besides preaching and lecturing in Slovakia, he also preaches and teaches at theological institutions and churches abroad. https://www.detm.org/doc-thdr-pavel-hanes-phd-en/

Pavel & Dana Hanes

Dana Hanesová, Professor of Education

Under communism, Christians were banned from working in education. After the Velvet Revolution in 1989, schools wanted English teachers and turned to people such as Dana who had studied English at university. As a pastor’s wife, Dana was quick to take up this new opportunity, also setting up an after-school Bible club. In 1993 Dana was asked to teach English at the new Department of Theology and Christian Education. In 1995 she was approached about setting up a new training course for RE teachers and youth/children’s workers following the introduction of RE to the school curriculum. She and Brenda worked on this and other projects together.

Dana is now a Professor of Education with many published works. Her books on Religious Education have been used by universities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  She is a popular speaker and trainer both in Slovakia and at international conferences. She was also the Head of the Narnia School in Banska Bystrica for 2 years.  https://www.detm.org/doc-paeddr-dana-hanesova-phd-en/

General feedback, inspiration and proof-reading

Judith Hansford, Noema Brádňanská Ondrásek, Josie Line, Georgina Wild, Adam Wingrove, Jane Fulford, Carrie King from REinspired, not forgetting the wide range of groups across the churches in our local area.  Each group has been very different and the materials published often represent a mixture of ideas from different sessions.


Our theological background is Protestant evangelical. We believe 100% in the authority and truth of the Bible.  However human interpretation does vary even within a denomination. We aim to deal with controversial issues as objectivity as possible in the interests of encouraging young people to think issues through for themselves, something they will inevitably do eventually anyway and to make the materials more ecumenical.   

Restricted liability statement 

All resources are suggested guidelines only.  Each group leader is responsible for the way in which material is delivered to their group.  Leaders should aim to work in teams and to be accountable to another experienced leader.  Some of the issues covered on this site are of a sensitive nature and some young people may need professional counselling.  The authors cannot be held responsible for any outcome at the local level. 


If you wish to translate into another language, please let us know.  Some have already been translated into Slovak.  Please also be aware that English has over one million words and even native speakers don’t know them all. If you are unsure of the meaning of something please ask and we can re-phrase it for you. 


It is our aim to acknowledge and respect other peoples’ copyright. Images have been used with permission but their creators do not necessarily endorse our opinions. Likewise, although these resources are currently free, they are still covered by copyright law and may not be published without permission.  Some of the images are used under license and may not be reproduced independently of the resources.


www.biblegateway.com  makes it so easy to compare different translations when trying to find the best way to explain truth to young people.

Word 4U 2DayThe Word 4U 2Day team: Since discovering these notes I have found them very inspiring and sometimes quote from them in the resources (citations given). They provide a good way to start getting young people into reading scripture. http://www.ucb.co.uk/w4u

Word 4U 2Day is produced by UCB.   It is written by Bob and Debby Gass, with Ruth Gass Halliday & edited by the Message Trust. Free issues of Word 4U 2Day are available for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Supporting spiritual life in schools: Prayer Spaces in Schools: www.prayerspacesinschools.com

Developing creative partnerships between Churches & Schools: www.reinspired.org.uk 

Free worship resources are available from www.engageworship.org


Some great Christian fiction is being published by www.dernierpublishing.com

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