Key Beliefs and Big Issues 

The most Frequently Asked Questions from children and teens are about creation, the existence of God, purpose, suffering, other religions, and what happens . There is also confusion about Jesus, and whether the Bible is reliable or even relevant today.  

Even if you have a strong Christian group, they need to know how to answer such questions with friends and face challenges to their faith when older.

Some of these topics have different Christian viewpoints. 


How do you deal with this when there is still fierce debate?

Do you present one view point or several?

What attitude do you encourage towards those of a different opinion?


  • Is the Bible True?
  • Is the Bible Relevant Today?
  • Is there a spiritual or supernatural world?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Jesus Miracles – Did They Really Happen?

 To come

  • What happens when you die?
  • Other religions
  • Suffering
  • What is God like?
  • Creation and science

Short video clip answers on many of these questions can be found on


To show that the Bible is true and relevant, rather than just talking about it is so important. These interactive resources take a fresh look at the text and encourage them to think about these questions for themselves. Suitable for schools and youth groups.

Is the Bible True?

Signpost; Is the Bible True?Christians place great importance on the Bible but how solid and reliable is it?

How does it differ from other books?

Are the stories true?

How was it written?

What is its’ purpose?

Is the Bible True? – Plan with Leader’s Notes 

Bible or Harry Potter quiz game

Is the Bible True? Quiz

Is the Bible Relevant Today?
Newsflash: Is the Bible Relevant Today?

The newest updates are nearly 2000 years old and the original core is around 3,500 years old. Was it out of date before it was even finished?!  Get beyond the initial cultural differences and people over the centuries have an amazing amount in common.

Is the Bible Relevant Today – Plan

Guess the Headlines PowerPoint Game

Proverbs- In or Out of Date PowerPoint Game

Is there a Spiritual World? 

Angels and the Spiritual World

Angels and the Spiritual World

Although Western culture has become more sceptical about the existence of any kind of spiritual world, there is still a great deal of interest in angels and the supernatural as is shown by the popularity of psychic fairs, ‘angelology’ books and guardian angel charms.  Nearly all religions recognize the existence of a spiritual world. 

How much does the Bible tell us about the creation and nature of angels? What is truth and what is myth?

This outline started as response to a church youth group who wanted to know about the creation of the spiritual world and the fall of Satan.  We then extended it to include New Age issues such as guardian angels so that we could make it more accessible to unchurched youth. Our groups often contain a mixture of both.

The viewpoint portrayed here is that angels and demons are not psychological disorders, cultural forces, the ghosts of dead people or figments of our imagination.  They are personal spiritual beings created by God – some in alliance with him, some in rebellion against him.  The main focus is on angels. 

The existence of evil spirits is explained but their influence is dealt with in the follow-up resource ‘The Dark Side of the Spiritual World’. 

Plan: Angels and the Spiritual World – Plan

Leaders Notes: Angels and the Spiritual World – Leaders Notes’

Quiz: One quiz – different formats

Activity – Angels & Demons Quiz as a PowerPoint pdf

Activity – Angels & Demons Quiz as a flexible PowerPoint

Activity – Angels & Demons Quiz sheets

Angels & Demons Quiz sheets

Psalm 91 for 2 readers

Bible References on the Spiritual World

Who is Jesus? 

Who is Jesus


Was he real? What have people said about him, both during his life and now? What claims did he make about himself?  Can we see him as just a good teacher or was he something else? This is a fun games based approach to the topic leading towards a serious reflection at the end. Suitable for lively groups. 

Plan: Who is Jesus? Outline Plan

Leaders Notes: Who is Jesus? Leaders’ Notes

Quizzes: These can be played without the PowerPoint by using flash cards or similar. If you need them in a different format, just contact us. 


What do People Say about Jesus? 

Game – ‘Who is Jesus’ – What people say PowerPoint PDF

What did Jesus say about himself? A true/false quiz

Game – Did Jesus say …? PowerPoint in pdf


Display:  For a display of a range of quotes to encourage thinking: 

Who is Jesus? – Display of quotes and verses

Jesus Miracles – Did They Really Happen?


An apologetics outline with a practical application for Christian groups. 

Jesus’ Miracles – Did They Happen – Plan





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